BUILDING LICENSE. License for construction.

BUILDING LICENSE. License for construction.

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The specialists of our company will give help in a receipt a build license for all regions of Ukraine (build license Kiev, build license in Ukraine).

Term of registration of license - 20 days.

The cost of a build license hesitates depending on the list of construction-works. We guarantee registration of a build license.

State duty for delivery a license - 1378 UAH

We will provide subsequent support at the licensed verifications.  If the necessary amount of specialists and technique failing for you, we will help you.
If you had questions, will call (044)383-68-03067-284-78-87099-233-83-54 or send a report  on  kievdabi@gmail.com. Our office is located in building of inspection (organ which gives out licenses) to address: Kiev, boul. of Lesya Ukrainka, 26 office 404. Apply! We will help you necessarily.

How to start a construction business?

You will need:

  • Write a construction company.
  • To obtain a license for construction.
  • Make a resolution to start work.
  • If you have a large-scale projects - to consider investment options.
  • License for construction - is a key stage of the construction business.

Building license issued by the State Architectural and building inspections for construction work in the field of design, engineering survey, construction and repair of buildings and structures, as well as engineering works.

If a building license issued by you for the first time, you make sure to receive it - this is a very complicated process. Even harder to settle all the formalities for obtaining a license for stroitenlstvo to extinguish and the associated exit peer review.

How to obtain a license to build?

License for construction, to obtain it, you need to make two simple steps:

1) Identify which construction activities are required for your company.

2) Prepare all necessary documents - applications, certificates, permits, passports of the technique, extracts from the balance sheet, copies of employment and qualifications, staffing, and more.

License for construction-general provisions

License for construction of a standard form without which it is not valid.

License for construction works on the territory of Ukraine.

The newly opened building company also can not count on the fact that the building will receive a license for a long list of activities - this is a general provision extinguish.

After obtaining a construction license for a job she can, starting with work, gradually expand their activities. This can be done no earlier than after 3-4 months. If you already have a building permit and the company wants to add to it, it must first get permission to start construction works of high danger (Gosgorpromnadzor) and only after that apply for expanding the list of applications.

The license to building activity is a standard form-blank and Supplement to License, which it is not actual without this Supplement. In the Supplement there is a list of types of works which has right to execute Licensee. Term of License action - 5 years.

For every type of activity, wich is necessary to the building company, are required proper specialists and technique. Specialists can be enlist – as working on a labour agreement as members of the staff. Such specialists, as for example, main engineer, must necessarily be on the staff. A technique also can be used both as own and as leased, but appropriate to the the technical parameters of the declared types of works. There must be technical passports and verifications from labour protection bodies on the technique.

An enterprise must be provided with normatively-technical literature, confirmed by agreements, invoices or acts of reception-transmission. In respect of personnel it is necessary to attach the copies of labour books 5-6 turns of labour books of every employee. Licenses can be both as allukrainian as regional.